About Us

An increasing shortage of drinkable water in wide areas of the world, and the need to minimalize our environmental impact demands breakthroughs in filtration technology. Maagan Filtration, an innovative and technology oriented company, sets new standards for 1 to 10 micron filtration at affordable costs and operational efficiencies.

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Maagan Filtration’s innovative Sheaf Filter ™ is at the forefront of the fine filtration market. Our Sheaf Filter™ combines both major filtration methods: “physical filtration” and “depth filtration.” This unique combination results in un-parallelled filtration performances down to 1 micron. Our groundbreaking technology is based on the flow of contaminated water lengthwise, along the threads, rather than crosswise as in other fiber-based filters. This achieves the optimal package of operational efficiencies, energy reduction, and environmental impact minimization.

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