About Us

MAAGAN FILTRATION was established by Kibbutz Maagan Michael with the aim of developing new, cost efficient and environmental friendly methods of industrial fine filtration down to 1micron.

The world has, in the past years, seen an increasing shortage of drinkable water in many areas. The need to further develop methods for clean and safe water along with the ever-present necessity to minimalize our environmental impact demands breakthroughs in filtration technology. MAAGAN FILTRATION, with its expertise in the fields of fine filtration and on the use of fibers as filtration media, has created two groundbreaking industrial water filters with automatic and efficient self-cleaning systems.

Our Vision

It is our wish to contribute, with our vast knowledge of fibers and fine filtration, to aid the sustainable development of water treatment technologies.

MAAGAN FILTRATION is a global leader in the manufacture of innovative filters. Our groundbreaking double fiber filters present a new approach to fine fiber filtration. Our extensive knowledge of threads specifically and textiles in general, combined with our vast experience in fine filtration, have made MAAGAN FILTRATION the number one expert in fiber filtration in the range of 1-10 microns.

  • The Sheaf filter: a groundbreaking implementation of thread-filtration technology based on the flow of contaminated water lengthwise, along the threads, rather than crosswise as in other fiber-based filters/cartridges/membranes – resulting in enhanced performance in the fine filtration spectrum of 1-5microns.
  • The Disc Filter: a revolutionary new approach to wounded fibers filtration, that benefits from our vast know how of fiber filtration and the advantages of round disc shape filter.
    The Fiber Disc Filter covers a broad range of applications in the 2-10 micron filtration, due to our ability to adjust the thread media to different contaminated waters and applications

How has this been achieved?

Kibbutz Maagan Michael owns and runs a diverse assortment of corporations, including companies such as Plasson Ltd. (global leader in manufacturing mechanical fittings and electrofusion), Maagan Desalination (largest brackish water desalination plant in Israel), Dagon (aquaculture of sea water and surface water), Madan Technologies (an industrial equipment company), and Suron (an electrochemical factory). As a result, MAAGAN FILTRATION enjoys access to, and benefits from, broad knowledge in a multiplicity of water engineering fields as well as close work with professional engineers of many other disciplines. The kibbutz also runs autonomous municipal water and wastewater systems that enable MAAGAN FILTRATION close interface with a large number of target markets.


Furthermore, this rich and professional working environment provides MAAGAN FILTRATION with infinite options for field tests using a wide variety of applications and a multitude of different water qualities. The field tests are routinely carried out in parallel with the tests performed in our own testing and lab facility.

The unique advantages offered to Maagan Filtration have proven to be invaluable in our quest to develop new innovative fine filters.