Fiber Disc Filter

Our Fiber Disc Filter presents a new and innovative implementation of thread-filtration technology. Our unique design is based on the flow of contaminated water through a series of threads wound around a trapeze shaped base. Groups of the trapeze bases combine to form a round disc. Desired filtration capacity is achieved by mounting a series of fiber discs on the central collecting pipe.

The Fiber Disc Filter uses threads that are wound around a trapeze unit in variable layers and with a pre determined tension. Setting those parameters enables us to control the filtration process and to ensure the most effective back-wash. Therefore, we can adjust our filters and threads to various application requirements.














MAAGAN FILTRATION continuously develops new, specialized threads with modified large surface area and varying cross sections that ensure superior filtration.

Our outstanding R&D enables Maagan Filtration to stand in the forefront of water technology with yet another unique and high performing filter- the Fiber Disc Filter.