The importance of fine filtration (1-10 microns) as a main factor in multi barrier filtration and water treatment systems is becoming increasingly acknowledged.
Regulatory requirements, community demands, the need to protect increasingly complex and costly systems, and demand for minimal environmental impact are all factors that have a significant influence over which technologies best fit multi-barrier systems.

Our two groundbreaking fine filters: the Sheaf Filter and the Fiber Disc Filter; with their cost efficiency, high quality performance, environmental friendly approach (minimum backwash waste and no chemical usage) and ease of maintenance; are the ideal solutions for our costumers.

The Sheaf Filter and Fiber Disc Filter will help our costumers optimize their process efficiencies, meet industry requirements,  increase production, develop complete solutions, and and as a result, maintain their position as industry leaders.
Our innovative fine fiber filters are the right filtration solutions for customers’ needs in many applications:

Drinking water has different sources of origin depending on the natural access point. Ground water, surface water, sea water as well as pre-used water are all among the potential accessible sources.

Any stream has to be treated before being used for drinking, as it may have physical and chemical contaminates such as sand, colloidal silt or microorganisms (i.e. algae, bacteria).

Water purification and water filtration combined is the common solution in potable water treatment systems.

The Sheaf Filter™ with its high performance in fine filtration presents an excellent alternative for drinking water filtration; guaranteeing also, the removal of cryptosporidium, giardia cysts and legionella.

Although surface waters are prone to seasonal and annual changes in the concentration of  suspended matter, the Sheaf Filter’s extensive capacity to hold such solids ensures there will not be any contamination downstream, as often occurs  with media filters or screen filters.

The performance of an RO system highly depends on the quality of the protection of the pre-filtration. This is due to the following facts:

• Efficient removal of suspended solids results in longer operating intervals between chemical cleaning of the RO membranes. Less chemical cleaning cycles means prolonged lifetime for the RO membranes and reduced operating costs.

• Efficient removal of suspended solids results in reduced fouling of the RO membranes and most importantly, extends dramatically, the overall water recovery.

The Sheaf Filter™’s  efficient fine filtration is a trustworthy  and  safe  method of pre-filtration for  RO membranes. With the capability of handling  highly contaminated water without the need for earlier barriers and with filtration performances of about 95% at 1 micron,  the Sheaf Filter™  operates as a  full pre-filtration system all by itself.

With guaranteed SDI values of less than 3, small environmental footprint, and its chemical free operation,  the Sheaf Filter™ is the best and most cost effecient filter to be used as a pre RO filtration system. It is also an excellent preceder to any cartridge filter that os used as a final dirt barrier before the RO membranes.

Sheaf Filter™ construction materials are well suited for use at either sea water or brackish water desalination plants.


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Numerous industries depend highly on filtered fresh water and demand efficient, reliable and cost effective filter solutions for their water polishing processes and water reusage. Cartridge filters are commonly used in many industries. These however often require scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns for maintenance, as well as manual cleaning and replacement of screens, bags, cartridges, and membranes, resulting in thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Whether the filter is collecting  the actual product being manufactured,  or acting as a pure environmental emission control measure, there is a clear need to maximize performance for the process concerned.

The Sheaf Filter™ provides the complete solution to these various industries’ needs. The Sheaf Filter™ is the right solution for either effluent polishing or protecting your downstream investment. For pre-treatment prior to reverse osmosis and for filtration of your plant recycled process waters. The Sheaf Filter™ can be used for water applications in various industrial markets such as: pulp and paper, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, mining, metal processing, power generation and many other industries.



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More than 85% of contaminated suspended solids in water from cooling towers and in hot water loops, are smaller than 5 microns. These micron contaminates circulate through heat exchangers, chillers, and compressors, significantly reducing the system’s cooling ability.Even tiny scale fouling and particle formation reduces the heat transfer rate and increases the water pressure drop through the heat exchanger, condenser and pipes, resulting in an increase in energy costs.

The Sheaf Filter™ efficiently removes suspended solid particles down to a single micron, and protects your water systems from fouling. Your cooling towers and heat exchangers will maintain excellent efficiency all year round with the fine filtration solution of the the Sheaf filter™ .

The Sheaf Filter™ is your cost effective, reliable and green solution for cleaning cooling water and reducing maintenance costs.

Fine filtration is essential to help maintain water quality when pumping out source water directly to  fish tanks or in recirculating or closed loop systems in commercial aquaculture systems.

Recirculating water systems are very common and used to minimize or reduce dependence on water exchange and flushing in fish culture units.

Solids resulting from fish waste and leftover nutrition recuperate a portion of the oxygen within the system and contribute the the creation of toxic ammonia within the system. These solids should be removed prior to reuse of the water.

Pre-treatment with the Sheaf Filter™  fine filtration can ensure better biological ammonia and nitrate treatment in the bio-filter, as well as less clogging and easier maintenance of the entire filtration system.

The Sheaf Filter™  saves water, demands  less maintenance and has enhanced filtration as compared with  older, ordinary sand filters or diatomaceous earth filters used at public swimming pools today.

With an automatic self-rinsing back-wash system utilizing less than 1% of the water from the overall water cycle, the Sheaf Filter™ reduces water consumption, energy consumption, cuts daily labor cost – (time spent on  maintenance), reduces chlorine demand and improves water quality.

The Sheaf Filter™’s construction material and internal parts are well suited to work with chlorine and are designed for long continuous work with no special maintenance.

The Sheaf Filter™ filtration capabilities of 92% – 97% particle removal of 1-  5 micron suspended solids will give you a crystal clear pool with much less chlorine used.


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Continuous population growth, rising standards of living, industrialization and urbanization limit the availability of fresh water. Wastewater treatment and reusage is increasingly emphasized as a method of freshwater conservation and as a means of safeguarding the aquatic environment. The Sheaf Filter can improve the common tertiary treatment practiced today, by removing fine particles in the range of 1-10 µm. This enables a constant and reliable water source, and reduces the amount of water extracted from the environment. Water availability will be a major constraint in the agriculture industry in the coming decades, particularly in Asia and Africa. The Sheaf Filter is an ideal solution for increasing overall water productivity.

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